Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 189

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5 Responses to “Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 189”

  1. WoWSmirv says:

    oh yeah, trust me, I have been using this ever since it became available. As well, the 8% buff that we got for the 8th anniversary thing actually stacks with the 1 hour 50% buff. That and with all the heirlooms and the guild perks, yeah, I am a leveling fool on that toon.

  2. gotland1998 says:

    Tolo, can you make a video how it was playing in vanilla and how was thw world pvp?

  3. ysf53tsw says:

    there is some stairs in that room 😛

  4. ToloDK says:

    In that case, don’t forget about your the XP bonus that you can pick up from the Monk place, I believe you get a quest once in a while, and it also becomes a daily quest untill a certain level. I however didn’t use this buff, as I was leveling with 2 of my friends by mostly dungeon grinding :)

  5. Mg95a says:

    I think you should level your rogue up off screen because I hear they are getting good in the next patch

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