Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 197

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5 Responses to “Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 197”

  1. Chriss Hess says:

    hey tolo can you tell me if there is an addon that is able to show the player if hes able to wear something or not ?

  2. ToloDK says:

    Thanks for watching the video, the series is getting closer and closer to the end, so tell me what you think, by giving the video a like/dislike and by leaving a comment down below. I also want to let you know that I am startign a “The Walking dead” lets play on my channel, and the first episode will be uploaded later today, and I’ll try my best to upload a PvP video tonight for those who are interested :)

  3. simoniman1 says:


  4. ToloDK says:

    I’m fairly sure that is has something to do with me using the destruction spec, Which makes the the rain of fire a instant cast, and basicly allows you to spam it everywhere you want, even when your moving.

  5. Davidsgameplay says:

    Hey tolo can you answer my question at 00:28 how did you spam rain of fire to get like 3 of them going at the same time? For me, it makes me channel it whcih means I can only have 1 rain of fire going at once? Can you tell me if it was a glyph or talent please? Thanks!

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