Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 199

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5 Responses to “Lets Play World of Warcraft Episode 199”

  1. DaSqueakyGamer says:

    Tolo what recorder do you use?

  2. Chriss Hess says:

    how long is the last video gonna be ?

  3. LlamaGawd says:

    Having his commentary in the background while leveling… So much funnier! 😀
    – Also, Tolo. What about trying Planetside 2 for one of the Fan-Fridays? :)

  4. xToxoHD says:

    Hey Tolo! You should make lvl 90 at ep. 200! It would be awsome with an extra long vide to celebrate lvl 90 and episode 200!
    Keep it up bro (:

  5. Chriss Hess says:

    can you show us all the mob dungeons please ?

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