Level 85-88 in 2 Hours XP Grind Fastest Spot in MoP 12 Mill Per Hour.

For Science! If you don’t like it don’t watch No time for “Banned ruined game suspended” I’m like the Einstein of wow so ciao. This video has been made Public to get it fixed if you did gain from it congrats if not? So long Gay Boys. This video is simply to show you how we got to level 90 in 5 Hours. GM’s have confirmed this method of killing is not illegal and no roll-backs or bans will be issued as long as no third party or unfair advantages are taking. This is simple knowledge from Beta. Armory: eu.battle.net The Crab Spawns instantly. It takes us roughly 20 Seconds to kill it 10 seconds for a Quick Fap and then repeat. The XP Gains are 110k + 110k x 2 – 220k (Minimum xp) Per Minute. That timed by 60 gives us an average XP Gain of 12 Million per Hour. Location Krasarang Wilds North West of The Southern Isles on a little Island. Please like favourite and subscribe.

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20 Responses to “Level 85-88 in 2 Hours XP Grind Fastest Spot in MoP 12 Mill Per Hour.”

  1. RaventhortheWarrior says:

    I don’t see why they’d get banned. The mob is set to respawn that fast likely because so many people will need it. They’ll have to contend with competition, and it’s simply killing a mob. If you’re willing to kill one single mob every 10 seconds for 4 hours, be my guest.
    in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying leveling through the rich storyline.

  2. Athenefanboyz says:

    I’m a rape victim.

  3. Cawnartist says:


  4. Swivles says:

    He got rolled back rofl

  5. 3Cassp says:

    has this been fixed?

  6. greatimunoriginaltoo says:

    armory wont show it till he logs out

  7. B123Dan says:

    Has not been fixed as of yet.

  8. Geoffrey Tuck says:

    Fs has his achievements stripped, blizzard just haven’t got around to getting this guy also.

  9. skyrimftwmhmm says:

    blizz said they arent doing anything about this sooo all u be wrong…and when alot of ppl find out about this they will camp it…and its boring -D

  10. BageImanman says:

    Lol kid got rolled back….outsmarted

  11. benblue3 says:

    No he didn’t, look at his armory in the description.

  12. Athenefanboyz says:

    People are starting to get suspended for it. Don’t do it,

  13. JonHope88 says:

    haha awesome, thanks for ruining it for the US!

  14. GetRealGamers says:

    Our Way Was Legit his was not watch his Livestream.

  15. Bahska says:


  16. Zombieninja180 says:

    But it’s game mechanics that never should have been ingame. It’s a bug, and they exploited it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  17. DimmuBorgirEmperor says:

    Enjoy your rollbacks….is it worth it to exploit this, then stupidly show it on youtube, then stupidly try to rub it in everyone face….are you just asking to get rolled back/banned/suspended?

  18. theenumba1 says:

    Blizz banned paragon after people reported them for bug exploiting…… How much you wanna bet you will get banned and reset… lol

  19. Jacob Kuberski says:

    GL brah – Fs got rolled back. GG cutie

  20. Crowbar44 says:

    Yep. They are starting to bitch slap players for it now as my idiot friend just got suspended for it. Glad my ass decided not to do it. 😀 😀

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