Level 90 Warrior PVP – BLADESTORM, Baby Bladestorm! Patch 5.1 Gameplay – World of Warcraft

Just people falling dead at my feet when I storm. World of Warcraft Warrior PVP! Patch 5.1 – Mists of Pandaria. Fezinator Gaming }*!*{ TWITTER }*!*{ —— twitter.com }*!*{ FACEBOOK }*!*{ – }*!*{ ADDONS }*!*{ —— Farhan: TGN Intro music from “Epic Rock Instrumental” by Farhan, used with permission ➜ farhan.tgn.tv Von Music by vOn! (used with permission by the artist) Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Facebook: Intro & Outro music was created by me.

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5 Responses to “Level 90 Warrior PVP – BLADESTORM, Baby Bladestorm! Patch 5.1 Gameplay – World of Warcraft”

  1. TonyMon16 says:

    prot bladestorm is shit it sounds good on pare but caue prot doesnt have as many damage modifiers and no disarm protection it ends up hitting like a wet noodle on pvp geared people. Its fun to slay a bunch of nubs all stacked up, but on my BG;s that dont happene often. Plsu wtf you gonna do when for the time inbetween? Prot is a flag carrying spec and thats all.

  2. MrLolPrankster says:

    The ONLY thing im dealing with tonight, is yo dam momma.

  3. Samstel2 says:

    You do know that they take extra damage when controlling the orbs, so damage sucks…… lol waste of time this vid gl

  4. webbkewow says:

    cool edits

  5. fezinatorgaming says:

    deal with it

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