Leveling in WoW: Ep 1 with Wowcrendor

Wowcrendor levels a character in World of Warcraft, hoping that it will end well. —wowcrendor links— Go Go Go Get Merch: My Facebook Page: My Twitter: twitter.com My Website:

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5 Responses to “Leveling in WoW: Ep 1 with Wowcrendor”

  1. mattatthome says:

    heh i quit wow awhile ago, and character creation looks nicer :3

  2. ColonelHugmufin says:

    Only affliction warlocks are like Shadow Priests FYI. 😛

  3. eilvarno says:

    Get BoA Legs..

  4. sjake3ify says:

    crendor you shouldnt use heirlooms, cause heirlooms make it so you dont really experience the leveling process, wanting to get new gear as you go. when you have heirlooms you really are just getting xp, and thats it. also when you have boas you outlevel the questing zones, so its hard to finish a zone

  5. TheJohnnysreview says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be popular series, cant wait for larry the raptor t-shirts!

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