Leveling in WoW: Ep 4 with Wowcrendor

Start from Ep 1! Wowcrendor levels a character in World of Warcraft, hoping that it will end well. —wowcrendor links— Go Go Go Get Merch: My Facebook Page: My Twitter: twitter.com My Website:

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5 Responses to “Leveling in WoW: Ep 4 with Wowcrendor”

  1. alcamz2011 says:

    I only eat my toast slightly slightly browned, and I keep checking it and checking it and Crendor how did you read my mind 0.o

  2. baconboy105 says:

    When I play Plants vs Zombies, I can’t put more than one kind of plant in the same row across. It looks too messy to me and my “OCD” kicks in. :)

  3. ArtyomPettits says:

    I have to twitch my nose constantly to make sure my facial muscles still work.

  4. WoWzaplayah says:

    Yeah, I remember the elementals resisting things. Killing water elementals as a Frost DK was hell.

  5. AtilaCXL says:

    I fix products on shelves. If they aren’t neat and arranged correctly, it pisses me off.

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