LIVE: Markee Dragon Show – Hobbits and Free WoW Mount Codes From Kevin at Greed Monger

Call in now while LIVE. Skype MarkeeDragon to be a guest on the show. Lag issues watching this live? Try watching it on Twitch Guest Co-Host SlyJesse Free Entry for Caldari Raven Replica from the EVE Battleship Collection EVE codes with a bonus of Aliastra Catalyst Destroyer, Destroyers Skillbook and Cerebral Accelerator Booster Like on FaceBook: Find me on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Music Supplied by Monstercat: Monstercat 001 – Launch Week Album Download Amazon: Album Download Itunes: Artist Names and links to Videos: Ephixa – Dubstep Killed Rock ‘n’ Roll (Original Mix) Halo Nova – The Force (Original Mix) Stephen Walking – Still Walking (Original Mix) Arion – Cold Blood & Ice Cream Cones (Original Mix) Going Quantum – Hello_ (Original Mix) Feint – Atlas (Original Mix) Channel:

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5 Responses to “LIVE: Markee Dragon Show – Hobbits and Free WoW Mount Codes From Kevin at Greed Monger”

  1. elffrog says:

    Nice Markee!

  2. Mohammed Salim says:

    A dragon is a legendary creature

  3. elffrog says:

    AM HAPPY rules!

  4. wolfiexblade says:

    Also there is lots of activity on the forums suggesting that bans are going out for no reason atm. This is just a warning. People who bought accounts today are logging for the first time apparently and are already perma banned. To me this throws tons of red flags up. Thought you could use the heads up hope you see this message. I enjoy your war z vids keep up the good work and game on.

  5. Whiting1289 says:

    I really don’t understand how the WoW servers and other MMO servers work… All I know is that Runescape has around 130 servers capable of fitting 2000 players on each server and you can switch servers and play on whatever server you want to…

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