LoL – Silly Ezreal Builds

and talking about all of the possible black cleavers… people be crazy, Also, I honestly feel like league videos are hard to make anything remotly close to how I do wow, I think i just need to make them completely diffrent or they end up akward like the past ones have, toss out ideas :)

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5 Responses to “LoL – Silly Ezreal Builds”

  1. Xocturne says:

    “Omg this video is being played backwards”

    GG retards…

  2. Thomas Cassisi says:

    is there a reason for it being backwards?

  3. Aceynna says:

    damm havn’t played LOL in ages

  4. Jazalibur says:

    Lol ez, ez ;)

  5. lookiss3 says:

    Well I just watched a LoL game backwards… I think..

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