LoL WoW DANCE BATTLE: Akali VS Female Goblin

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5 Responses to “LoL WoW DANCE BATTLE: Akali VS Female Goblin”

  1. kalibaby22 says:

    Female Goblin, for sure. Akali looks clunky as hell to me for some reason

  2. SlashyShadow says:

    Btw his name is Twistedfate202

  3. Popzagon says:


  4. RememberPluto says:

    How is this unique in any way. 100s of people have done this before.

  5. priceless155 says:

    His name is twisted fate, I am pretty sure he knows who akali is, he just wanted hate from players who only play lol and don’t like wow players… u should’nt really make wow players meet lol players, they are so different and i think it’s why u get so many dislikes on these videos.

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