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5 Responses to “LVL 80 DK SOLOS 25H BALEROC – WTF???”

  1. Landon Fierro says:

    That shirt…. ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmg.

  2. LeonusStawalker says:

    DEFINITELY REMOVE THE RESTRICTIONS! Since there’s currently no class in the game that uses polearms (hunters don’t use then anymore, druids that use agi are always cats or bears, and everyone else doesn’t use agi) I have no way to way to use my prized Shadowstrike/Thunderstrike D= Also, people actually being able to use the legendaries they worked their asses off for weeks to get for more than one patch would be kinda nice.

  3. Fernando Alvarez says:

    Gross indeed.

  4. Lvl11Scyther says:

    do you have your big eye contacts in? :O your eyes look cool with them

  5. zhbvenkhoReload says:

    with glasses you look fat

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