Madman Mumblings – SWT Podcast Episode #4 “WoW, KoToR & Dynasty Warriors!”

I get an old friend ‘o mine in on this weeks podcast! A link to Mynd’s Youtube channel: A link to my Facebook page: A link to where you can donate to my PayPal: If you are in the UK and wish to donate physically to me please PM me so we can settle all the details.

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5 Responses to “Madman Mumblings – SWT Podcast Episode #4 “WoW, KoToR & Dynasty Warriors!””

  1. NoManLP says:

    I fucking love your blogs and banter with mind. LMAO

  2. NoManLP says:

    tales of symphonia..It is the gamecubes strongest rpg.

  3. JambalayaBob says:

    Be careful when you call Star Wars’ plot cliche and then praise KoTOR’s story. They’re both about as standard as they come. Not necessarily a negative, but in BioWare’s case, they have rarely tried anything completely outside of the tried-and-true heroic adventure story formula.

  4. Rainiepie Hobden says:

    Oh my god!! I can’t believe you’e cheating on your girlfriend with that game!!

  5. TimTheUnlucky says:

    My mistake the mask was a piece of sith armour Nihilus bound to himself to keep a semblance of physical form

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