Making 200000 Gold Per Day Multiboxing Style in WoW!

Here is a video on how to make 200000+ gold per day multiboxing in WoW. I use multiboxing software, it ROCKS and is required to multibox and is 100% legit (Blizzard allows multiboxing). I use 5x Monks (1x Brewmaster 4x Mistweaver). Here are the stats I was calculating at the end of this video 7430 gold 4x Spirit of Harmony 15% xp * 5 guys + 30 treasure chests (4.5g+30g mins) + 400g 34.5*30+400g – 250g potion = 1185 1185+7430= 8615 gold/hour Not counting rare boe blues/epics that can drop worth 2k-5k per boe blue, upwards of 30k per boe epic 24 hours = 206760 gold/day (not counting rares) 12 rares, 2-5k per blue, …30k per epic Sell items Fri/Sat/Sun !! How much are Spirit of Harmony worth w/crafting? We can get 96 spirit of harmony a day. !!

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5 Responses to “Making 200000 Gold Per Day Multiboxing Style in WoW!”

  1. olegunnar1984 says:

    use ur spirits to buy golden lotus, 1spirit = 2lotus

  2. magnez9 says:


  3. olegunnar1984 says:

    i haz 10 farms, 2guys that haz a good prof (inscription and BS) rest of the spirits i trade for golden lotusesesss

  4. TheBigFatBaldGuy says:

    oh dear god, please dont ever say “Mank” again

  5. Pwnboxer says:

    The numbers are right. Towards the end of the video, I looked at each item and added it up. The 200k is towards the low end as well considering no rares dropped.

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