Manafury’s WoW Hunter Rant

A rant on why hunters are a noob class. Starring: Manafury Yann Isobell On the Stormreaver realm

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5 Responses to “Manafury’s WoW Hunter Rant”

  1. toKs1c says:

    Im actually working on my pre-bc hunter, he’s 71 :O

  2. Gormat61 says:

    Did you get your ass handed to you one to many times by Horde Hunters Manafury? Must have.

  3. Agon93 says:

    Come on! Be nice, Hunters only have one meele ability,Pallys have like ten and they can heal! Hunters rule!

  4. silverdumper says:

    because its a noob class/and spec

  5. Nimianz says:

    Ok ya what a jerk each class has its ups an downs. while u say hunter is a noob class most people think pally is easy mode. i mean come on things go wrong u heal urself or pop a bubble an hearth. i like hunters an pallys though because there both good

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