Medal of Honor No Scope Montage

my first montage! it took me 6+ hours to make in windows movie maker. Dont forget to comment! Tags: Moh medal of honor beta montage no scope modernwarfare hack 10th prestige lobby killzone gears war crysis cod machinima respawn mr sark seeananners hutch wings redemption ken burton show woodys gamertag hax wow world warcraft cataclysm lol fail kip kay prank best ever noob tube nuke skidrow glitch karatchi derail halo reach trailer park salvage carnival fuel famas scar left for dead valve portal 3d tv

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5 Responses to “Medal of Honor No Scope Montage”

  1. jocke811 says:

    LOL i just played Black ops you know this was a really long time i played MoH Beta

  2. TheNQSclan says:

    Why do u guys not like this montage? I think its great

  3. cheeselovernation says:

    no, your wrong

  4. Darkman2023 says:

    It may suck, but if there were no Medal of Honor, there’d be no Call of Duty.

  5. DoWoRkSoN2124 says:

    um ur like an inch away from the people go play black ops then u need actual skills

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