Minecraft Pixel Art: WoW Spirit Healer

Artwork created by Paradox: Final Image: i.imgur.com Image Source: us.media.blizzard.com Music: Tee shirts & stuff: tradechat.spreadshirt.com My vlog channel: My DIY channel: Get 15% off your hood when you use code PINKPANSER at checkout: Twitter twitter.com Facebook: My PC is from: tinyurl.com

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5 Responses to “Minecraft Pixel Art: WoW Spirit Healer”

  1. Scorpion50o1 says:

    be a warrior, i started out as a hunter but warriors are way more fun

  2. Koroar says:

    I fucking despise doing floors, this would kill me.

  3. daude23 says:

    how the fuck does he manage that ?!

  4. dffdcdesacds says:

    he has alot of time in hes hands.

  5. AEfuryness says:

    You know your internet/computer is slow when you leave for 4 hours and the video hasn’t finished loading yet.

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