Monk Mage Paladin vs. Feral Mage Paladin – 3v3 WoW MoP Arenas

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5 Responses to “Monk Mage Paladin vs. Feral Mage Paladin – 3v3 WoW MoP Arenas”

  1. Robbbbb1011 says:

    That tidy plates your using? How do you make them look like that? I use tidy plates also but mine look way more shite! :(

  2. Cazmeus says:

    how is innverse always on fire like that?

  3. kaitouXdark says:

    damn innverse is so fast

  4. thehighlander08 says:

    where you been, brah? more vids and more streams plz!
    good vid as always

  5. UnholyPurification says:

    mad sense of humor yo

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