Onward 2 Level 90 Episode 7: The Flying Panthers of Krasarang

Check out my new website! Find us on Twitter @WoWMartiean and @Jevans094 Be sure to subscribe to Zarxces! This may be the most amazing bug I have EVER seen first hand in Warcraft. This was all caught live on a livestream here on youtube! Watch for more Onward LIVE events coming soon! Enjoy! Links for mobile devices: Onward 2 Level 90 Episode 6: Illegitimate PvP: youtu.be Onward 2 Level 90 Episode 8: Coming soon Theme as always by Teknoaxe! Royalty Free Music #44-A (In a Longer Van) Nu Metal/Rock youtu.be

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5 Responses to “Onward 2 Level 90 Episode 7: The Flying Panthers of Krasarang”

  1. wowmartiean says:

    lol nice… “Quantas never crashed…” 

  2. wowmartiean says:

    You are welcome :)

  3. SinnfullDuck says:

    omg your laughing made me laugh. People in my office thought I was crazy! Hilarious video!

  4. snutterbutterton says:

    Thank you wowmartiean

  5. wowmartiean says:

    Thanks! It was such a fun time!

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