oQueue WoW addon – E1 – General Overview & Getting Started

A quick overview and getting started tutorial for the World of Warcraft addon oQueue by Solidice Technologies. This addon creates a social mesh network in WoW and creates a place for people to host and join premade battleground groups in the hopes of avoiding bots and bads. Get the addon: solidice.com/oqueue

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5 Responses to “oQueue WoW addon – E1 – General Overview & Getting Started”

  1. Ragewhispers says:

    Im working on this now i should have something up for your guys withen the next week.

  2. BlacklightBlazing says:

    greets from germany

  3. Ragewhispers says:

    “Barry Kripke from the Big Bang Theory? Is that you?”
    LOL, as a fan of the big bang theory, i saw this coming :( lol. Sorry if im hard to understand, obviously my speech isnt that good. Im working on re doing this so that im better understood. Also i know there is a duplicated clip. Thats why you dont make videos at two in the morning -_-.


  4. Stian Jensen says:

    Sweet 😀 Ive started using it now, btw whats the background song with the woman 😛

  5. Ragewhispers says:

    Blue Foundation – Eyes on Fire(Zeds-Dead-Remix)

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