oQueue WoW addon – E1 – Getting Started Overview

Blizzard wants you to play with bots: us.battle.net Blizzard doesn’t want you to have any chances of being in a unrated battleground and not have to deal with people who can’t tie their shoes and who are bots. A getting started tutorial for the World of Warcraft addon oQueue by Solidice Technologies. This addon creates a social mesh network in WoW and creates a place for people to host and join premade battleground groups in the hopes of avoiding bots and bads. This video is a redo of my first video: youtu.be Get the addon: solidice.com solidice.com http publicvent.org Episode 1 – Getting Started Overview youtu.be Episode 2 – Joining Premades Overview: youtu.be Episode 3 – Creating Premades Overview: Coming soon.

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5 Responses to “oQueue WoW addon – E1 – Getting Started Overview”

  1. Ragewhispers says:

    Thanks for the input, i have applied your suggestions.

  2. x3ICEx says:

    There is a [Clear list] button in the bottom right corner of your downloads list. Click it occasionally. Very useful. Less lag.
    Speaking about lag… Why are you still sticking with Firefox?

  3. MultiArcay says:

    Haven’t found a single Premade in 40hours :(

  4. Ragewhispers says:

    EU, US, Alliance, Horde?

  5. misterDimi5 says:

    Thanks dude, hopefully this will spread out and have bg-fun like old times. Freaking miss those times :)

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