oQueue WoW addon – E2 – Joining a Premade Overview

Blizzard wants you to play with bots: Blizzard doesn’t want you to have any chances of being in a unrated battleground and not have to deal with people who can’t tie their shoes and who are bots. A Tutorial for the WoW addon oQueue, this Tutorial will cover as an overview joining oQueue Premades. This addon creates a social mesh network in WoW and creates a place for people to host and join premade battleground groups in the hopes of avoiding bots and bads. Get the addon: solidice.com solidice.com http publicvent.org Episode 1 – Getting Started Overview youtu.be Episode 2 – Joining Premades Overview: youtu.be Episode 3 – Creating Premades Overview: Coming soon.

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5 Responses to “oQueue WoW addon – E2 – Joining a Premade Overview”

  1. Denrosanabben says:

    Yes but I havent been able to join any premade ever. A few of my friends installed it and they had no problem joining what so ever.

  2. Jarlen12 says:

    Hello there.
    First of all, great add-on.
    Secondly; does this work Cross-Battlegroup?
    Example: I’m in battlegroup Ruin and the leader i want to join is in battlegroup Misery. Will i be able to join the premade, then?

  3. Ragewhispers says:

    The short asnwer is: Yes. The addon works cross battle group. There are tricks to the battlegroups such as when all the leaders of the “groups” that comprise the “premade” are all in the same battlegroup it reduces latency and the addon performs better, but in general you can use the addon without concern for battlegroups and it will work just fine.

  4. Háiku Outland says:

    This is the best addon since Battleground Targets! Thanks!

  5. Zokfend says:

    wow, this is great. i’ve been hearing about this. i’m going to give it a try tonight. many thanks!!!!!!!!!

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