People Think I’m a hacker. I Claim You Guys Suck Balls!

People Claiming I’m Hacking. I Claim You Guys Suck! Rage mother fuckers… You lose.. haha! Leave your World of Warcraft, blackops or Battlefield 3 username below so I can get your asses kicked. Thank you! I really love you guys, you know that right? Well, I only like you so I can get to your mom. No problem right? xoxoxo Games I play: – World of Warcraft (computer) – Call of Duty: Blackops (computer or x-box) – Battlefield 3 (computer) – Your Mom (my bedroom) Oh by the way, I love Justin Bieber… Just like your mom…

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5 Responses to “People Think I’m a hacker. I Claim You Guys Suck Balls!”

  1. Hebert Tamayoci says:

    a true gaming god would record a video of his gameplay, not trash talking on you tube.
    I’m not judging you, it’s a cool video but you have to remember, that there’s always someone to beat you at online gaming, you’re not even japanese…

  2. Isad0re says:

    Just ignore this hacker!!! and subscribe on my yt channel.. k thx. 😀

  3. freeze1305 says:

    jesus kid, go lift some weights….

  4. YouSuckInGaming says:

    Are you trying to teach me a lesson, son? Why dont you just become a real man, and grow some balls… I’ll beat you with my hands upon your ass…

  5. YouSuckInGaming says:

    Take a leap…

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