Rated Temple of Kotmogu 1700 mmr

Once i reach 600 subs i will be doing a give-away, stay tuned! Did some rbg’s tonight, ended the night 4-2. Had lots of fun doing it. If you enjoyed watching, then please like/comment/subscribe! Watch my frost DK 2v3 video for a WoW TCG card Give-Away! Music by Yhimself

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5 Responses to “Rated Temple of Kotmogu 1700 mmr”

  1. Afghooey23 says:

    Yes they do haha, its very fun.

  2. Afghooey23 says:

    Thank you! DK’s are very powerful and fun to play. The only downside is their survivability.

  3. Afghooey23 says:

    Its alot of fun to play, do it!

  4. Freakzqz says:

    I gotta Idd with that 😀 but they still make insane dmg!

  5. Freakzqz says:

    Awesome song
    Awesome dmg
    Awesome video

    Im so jelly on you right now cause it looks like dk are fun 2 play and are op in 90 :D

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