reply to boogie2988

reply video and unboxing for the francis wow hero trucker style hat feel free to follow me on twitter @wackyman608 or on tumblr

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5 Responses to “reply to boogie2988”

  1. jojocool111 says:

    Yo francis what s the ip of ur mc server

  2. Zxenov says:

    keep up the good work man

  3. iNoidzz says:

    Good job mate! You should be very proud of yourself! :) You got yourself a new sub 😀

  4. TheGopoundsalt says:

    thank you and thanks for the sub ill be posting the videos from after my workouts soon and im going to do a either daily or weekly vlog. mostly just to keep my confidence up but i hope people enjoy it

  5. Guss117 says:

    Awesome job on the weight loss. I know how it is with it keep up the great work

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