Retribution Paladin PvP Glyph Guide Patch 5.1 – WoW MoP PvP

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5 Responses to “Retribution Paladin PvP Glyph Guide Patch 5.1 – WoW MoP PvP”

  1. watiswrongwithutube says:

    What’s so funny about that?

  2. Bonohtwinking says:

    nice guide :) thnx

  3. jdpssj4 says:

    Would you consider this as basic glyphs? I never thought of using wings for 2’s very nice idea! Depending on how well the KFC or TSG comp is i sometimes switch to DP, FOL or SOI glyphs. If they sit on me i just try to tank and wait for a good opportunity to bait a warrior around the corner and pop CD’s. As for Shadow priests comps i keep Turn evil, its really good!

  4. WOWDescent says:

    Dear Maphack please respond Where has the tgn magic gone?!?!? No videos been uploaded for a month! please respond to me and tell me whats going on!

  5. Dillworthz says:

    How do you think ret pally is doing in pvp compared to other melee classes? I play one and I feel like my survivability is meh especially against teams with a lot of constant pressure. Also outside of our cd’s I feel like we don’t do a lot of damage. Still lovin’ my ret tho :>

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