Road to Ironforge – Episode 2 (SVM in Azeroth)

Please like/fav/sub! Main channel: Need help installing this map on your own Bukkit server? Watch this handy installation guide I made: Special appearance by 8bitdame: youtube Special appearance by SirVladimyr: youtube Buy a Five Things T-Shirt! Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Donate to help Five Things: My other channels Minecraft is made by Mojang. Portions of this video were recorded in 1.3.2. Portions of this video were recorded in 1.4.2. Thanks to Payuk for the sweet logo. Thanks to Ron Smalec for the note block WoW music! Texture pack is Faithful 32:

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5 Responses to “Road to Ironforge – Episode 2 (SVM in Azeroth)”

  1. AeoAeo330 says:

    Cookie. s.

  2. 8bitdame says:

    I’m rather amused. Yes. :)

  3. SirVladimyr says:

    Are you suggesting that I came here to start trouble? ;p Cookie is not very british, so I thought about its equivelent – Biscuit. Then laughed a bit too much at it. Did think about ‘Fish & Chips’ too but that’s not refined enough. Perhaps then.
    Afternoon Tea & Biscuits good sir.

    There - satisfied.
    :) *hugs*

  4. bodman1 says:

    If only caves in normal Minecraft could have that many diamonds… /drool

  5. 8bitdame says:

    Are you tryin’ to say something about my commenting approach? Cookie.

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