Runetotem Legends #1: My Name’s Hatorade

Warning: Explicit Language and Full Frontal Nudity. In my old guild Evolution, I wrote a song about our guild leader. He’s a complete badass at tanking and is most likely the best warrior tank on the Runetotem Alliance. Lyrics: M name’s Hatorade, work at at&t, so I can pay for my WoW and continue raiding. Got an 80 dwarf warrior, he’s my tank, I be rocking him in full tier 8.5. I’m not gonna lie; I’m the guild’s best tank nuff said alright–our druid’s a joke, and the pally’s on crack. When I’m not around, the guild wipes on trash. I’m a fuckin’ pimp. Every week, I get to call yogg-saron my bitch. When he’s not around, when ulduar’s cleared, I’m in the background getting a blowjob from freya. Cause she’s pretty hot. And if you think that’s all, I’ve got 2 other tanks. My death knight and pally will put yours to sham. and that’s saying a lot cause they’re way undergeared, but judging by my skill, you better be scared (scerred) Icecrown raid’s coming up soon. I can’t wait to go, so I can pwn arthas too cause I’m so good, my tank’s so beast… instead of tanking Arthas, Arthas’ll tank me, yea. My name’s Hatorade.

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2 Responses to “Runetotem Legends #1: My Name’s Hatorade”

  1. Sayonaragahajimaru says:

    LOL, that’s amazing. Jonke told me about Hatorade too. He’s a beast.

  2. Matt Hale-Howe says:

    brown nosing?

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