Shrine Plays SP/Rogue/Druid in 3v3 [2400] [5.1]

WoW Armory: Stream: Song: James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Poindexter Remix) Software used: Adobe After Effects CS5 Sony Vegas Pro Adobe Photoshop CS5 Comment, like and subscribe to help the channel grow!

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5 Responses to “Shrine Plays SP/Rogue/Druid in 3v3 [2400] [5.1]”

  1. boomshankz says:

    dakkrooth sent me thumb up so he can see x!D

  2. ShrineNI says:

    Hey, my list of addons are as follows:

    bagnon – for merging bags together.
    Battleground Targets- for showing targets in battlegrounds and rbgs
    Button Forge – thats the vertical bar on my screen showing cd’s such as ns and symbosis.
    Gnosis – Its a bar addon which allows me to make extra cast bars.
    LoseControl – Puts a cc icon over my character showing which cc i am in (not needed after the blizzard interface change).
    MikScrollingBattleText – This addons shows healing numbers around my character

  3. ShrineNI says:

    Plate Buffs 1.12.7 – This addons shows buffs which enemy players have used above their character bars.

    sArena – Shows trinkets beside enemy arena frames.

    Move anything – Allows to change the size of party and enemy frames.

  4. Swagspec says:

    good stuff man i like it…I think that you should keep the gameplay rolling until you leave the arena; I like to see the scoreboard/mmr at the end :) keep it up

  5. ShrineNI says:

    Forgot Interrupt Bar which shows possible interrupts above my normal bars 😛

    I might make a video for addons as quite a few people ask for them 😛

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