Solo Queue Arena in World of Warcraft Idea by Cartoonz

Take this idea, and spread it. Post the idea on Facebook, Twitter, WoW Forums, PvP Forums, everywhere. Let’s see what Blizzard has to say about this. Who knows, maybe they’ll even put it into production! â-º Live Stream: â-º Follow Cartoonz: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: â-º Skill-Capped Referral Link: â-º Want to support Cartoonz? LIKE & FAVORITE this video! It keeps me going! Thank you! â-º Music By: Ephixa – Ideekay

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5 Responses to “Solo Queue Arena in World of Warcraft Idea by Cartoonz”

  1. TEHZAPPER45 says:

    Is what he’s saying is that u enter the arena queue and it pairs u with some1??

  2. Needafix77 says:

    I miss the skirmish option that let you pair up with another random guy :[

  3. Welshey101 says:

    wtf are you talking about, he’s not suggesting 1v2;3;5, he’s suggesting you Queue on your own for a 2v2 match, and you end up paired with a random, vs another team of 2 randoms(or another 2 randoms, or 4 randoms in the case of 3s/5s). Just like old skirmishes, except with a rating system.

  4. Mitch Wheaton says:

    That’s a fantastic idea man, PUBLISH THAT SHIT

  5. Shiznoz222 says:

    Would be great for people who stream when they cant find anyone good to queue with.

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