Spore – Kalecgos the Spellweaver [WoW]

Creature concept of World of Warcraft’s Spellweaver and Aspect of Magic, Kalecgos in his Dragon form. I don’t think I’ll be creating Malygos too, since they have very similar models. (Reuploaded since I didn’t realize I messed up the audio) Extra Spore Parts – Courtesy of Davo; forum.spore.com davoonline.com

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5 Responses to “Spore – Kalecgos the Spellweaver [WoW]”

  1. andreja4556 says:

    now do deathwing

  2. GBAura says:

    I think it’s V8, since that is the version where most of the textures on DS parts are fixed. Though that recent mod has some bugs that needed to be fixed like the killer creature glitch with the DS abilities.

  3. squishythomas says:


  4. bilymay says:


  5. ShadowRaptor1O1 says:

    WHat version of DI are you using? I cant seem to color that type of mouth in the version I have, which is, if I remember correctly, v7?…

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