State of WoW Arena – Why are bugs like this still in the game? Featuring Mother Rumiah

Pretty disappointed with how WoW arena has turned out, had hope that this season would be different. Unfortunately it seems like Blizzard is up to their old ways again :(. This particular bug has been in the game since MoP came out, and has been widely abused to force draws. I don’t want this video to come off as “raging” at blizzard, it isn’t intended that way. I’m simply disapoointed in how poor of a job blizzard is doing, even with things like the BCS.

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5 Responses to “State of WoW Arena – Why are bugs like this still in the game? Featuring Mother Rumiah”

  1. Rumiah says:

    Thing is, as far back as I can remember every expansion has been like this, then people seem to settle for mediocrity, I really don’t want that to happen AGAIN.

  2. HamSupZhai says:

    Blizzard : Don’t worry guys! We will balance the game and fix everything in the NEXT FUCKING EXPANSION.

  3. SSJNessy says:


  4. Rumiah says:

    Don’t say that :(, that’s my mother!

  5. saibabax says:

    i agree, and u are not alone, the majority of players are frustrated for a huge number of reasons.

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