Stream Recap: Dakkroth Getting One-Shot, Vanguards Laugh, Reckful Deletes His Rogue

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5 Responses to “Stream Recap: Dakkroth Getting One-Shot, Vanguards Laugh, Reckful Deletes His Rogue”

  1. ProStickyTac says:

    a rooster or >.> <.< cock

  2. murlowzgaming says:

    Like it man! And i think it’s a chickeb or so

  3. roycominit says:

    Thats a chicken in a costume!! By the way you should do this kind of videos on a regular base, like every friday or something. Anyways keep up the good work!

  4. savvaspetrou says:

    Why do you have a cock on your shirt

  5. roycominit says:

    And the logo means 100% you 😛

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