Swifty MoP Duels vs Warlocks (Gameplay/commentary)

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5 Responses to “Swifty MoP Duels vs Warlocks (Gameplay/commentary)”

  1. Pakler Ahn'Qiraj says:

    Nice that you started the dueling series agen :) I just love them, next week you should duel shadow priests

  2. angelou95xread says:

    Hello from Europe you are the best u are the one who convinced me to go to the gym
    and for that I thank you

  3. illidan50 says:

    warlocks are ridiculous

  4. UnkownOwn says:

    Warlock soo OP!

  5. rydendm says:

    My keyboard keys are sticky from all the soda spilt on it. Could use a new one. OPPA RAZER-STYLE

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