Swifty New Oneshot AOE Macro (gameplay/commentary)

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5 Responses to “Swifty New Oneshot AOE Macro (gameplay/commentary)”

  1. Brent Berrios says:

    yay swifty

  2. Scenatio Craz says:

    Gotta get that Nostromo!

  3. Piraka1997 says:

    Sup Swifty! Cool vid 😉 Feel sorry for you about those trolls… Why ruin something for another person.. Anyway due to you and Bajheera I will reroll a Warrior XD Looking forward to it but dont know if I got the nervs to lvl from 1-90 since I already done 1-85 5 times.. Well see ^^ Keep it up man!

  4. Sonjeba1 says:

    I’d like one of those prizes. 😮

  5. Zachery Kindred says:

    Nice job on the crits! Hope to see more from you. 😀

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