Swifty One Shot Macro 5.0 (gameplay/commentary)

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20 Responses to “Swifty One Shot Macro 5.0 (gameplay/commentary)”

  1. TheOriginalBleachX says:

    HAHAHAHA… I want them nerfed to even out things. I watched warriors just running around, heroic jumping, killing everyone. Worse than DK’s. It’s ok though, my mage can stomp most everything now too, so I’ll probably switch back to my mage for a while, BITCH! HAHAHA.. step to me, nubsauce.

  2. iugoeswest says:

    Swifty good buddy. You did a good job on this video. This is one of your best ones. It had a good soundtrack!

  3. TheOriginalBleachX says:

    ya think so? I was gonna say I don’t think so, but now that warriors are super buffed, maybe so. Before this patch, I’d say give me a pocket healer and give one to him and I’d bet my rogue would have beaten him. I’ve spanked his boomkin in pvp many times. Ragusalsa FTL.. :)

  4. UncoolShrimp says:

    No, lol 😛

  5. UncoolShrimp says:

    to do damage with mortal strike overpower etc after maybe? >.<

  6. Shoryuukenn says:

    Haha you want to nerf warriors so your rogue can stomp them again. WELL WARRIORS STOMP YOU NOW BITCH! HAHAHA wellcome to wow scrubby

  7. TheOriginalBleachX says:

    Honestly, I’m tired of changing my play style in WoW. It’s old having Blizzard screw things up. You just get geared up, you just get better and blam, changes.. now greens > purples and you have to relearn the game. I’m just old, don’t mind me. Growing bored with WoW. I think I’m going to try CoD again when the next version comes out. Just… sooooo… bored… with… WoW… :o(

  8. puppetmaster68 says:

    Mages have a one shot Macro also.

  9. Merandus says:

    i was the second person in the video, and omg it hurt

  10. kiril bozhanov says:

    170k wtf :D

  11. hotpotato559 says:

    can someone explain why u need 1hand and shield for this? (i dont know anything about warr or their skills)

  12. Chaz Ragg says:

    swifty is the only reason i watch wow videos

  13. hagijaso says:

    As far as im aware colossus smash makes you ignore 50% of the armor on the target, meaning its doesnt help at all towards dragon roar causing more damage, as the tooltip clearly states that dragon roar ignores all armor on the targets you hit with it. 

  14. starwarspunk says:

    great music selection swifty…. then again i may be a little biased. 😉 <3

  15. SaulMeyersz says:


  16. sasorinor says:

    If you’ve played since vanilla, how come you CAN’T change your playing style now? I’ve played WoW for three years with breaks for half a year here and there, and i know how to change my playstyle if i meet some resistance, kind of embarrassing for you if you ask me. If you hate it so much, reroll, or try to get better cause you’re obviously not at top level when you can’t beat ONE warrior, gear and patches matters yeah(more on WoW than other mmos) but skills do too.

  17. ThallasGaming says:

    Most classes can counter this, not really much point in it

  18. bitterbleed says:

    lol at 2:10 this is not season 11 annymore bitches DIE!!!!

  19. Setripuu says:

    Holy balls that dmg :D

  20. Peon546 says:

    Doesn’t matter, you can’t buy it anyways, it’s sold out.

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