Tactic Enhance PvP – Chaotic 5v5 #1(World of Warcraft Gameplay/ Commentary)

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5 Responses to “Tactic Enhance PvP – Chaotic 5v5 #1(World of Warcraft Gameplay/ Commentary)”

  1. Brandon Mitchell says:

    What UI addons do you use to show your partners health and class like that?

  2. deathstreaks says:

    what is the addon that shows their healthbars that way?

  3. FiEnD749 says:

    It changed nothing with us, we didnt get any buffs nor debuffs which is kinda bullshit I wanted some change

  4. Brandon Mitchell says:

    Your screen is such a cluster fuck lol

  5. Tactic1048 says:

    I use tidy plates – threat plates.

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