Teemo-slaying Xmas: Day 13 (the Lich King)

meh one …but I did not have much time to sew it together perfectly. Still hope you enjoy the idea. Future updates at: Epic music by: Used and edited trailer for WoW:WotLK by: Blizzard Entertainment

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5 Responses to “Teemo-slaying Xmas: Day 13 (the Lich King)”

  1. Pedro Silva says:

    your teemo slaying videos are getting lower and lower…..

  2. Kayfear says:

    Lold, thats wonderful!

  3. whiteZORA1 says:

    You don’t need to tell us to imagine he is Garen, Teemo must die, everything else can be what you want.

  4. DSpokemonDS says:

    how to make a video:
    download the original video and add teemo in it

  5. Török Bendegúz says:

    Okay that was ridiculously terrible.

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