The Black Prince Rep farm MoP World of Warcraft

The best spot to farm this rep to honored in under 30 minutes of play time. This spot also gives you a great amount of cloth and motes of harmony. I suggest you group up and have a battle standard to increase the rep you gain (anywhere from 12-13 amount of rep per kill) Props goes out to my buddy Flamespark for letting us know about this spot. Check him out, he’ll be posting content soon: Sub and comment if you have any questions feel free to inbox me Follow me on twitter @ watch me on twitch @

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6 Responses to “The Black Prince Rep farm MoP World of Warcraft”

  1. tenaciousftb says:

    ya for sure no problem

  2. tenaciousftb says:

    you ass lol

  3. koblack0 says:

    Way better than that other fail farm video where they were flying around and shit lol. This is way faster.

  4. chocolverr says:

    Relic is shit i hate you jk jk

  5. bLiHGaming says:

    I left another spot as a video response. Insane farm.

  6. chocolverr says:

    hell yea

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