The Sha of Auto-Tune

This time every year, when the decorations go up around Azeroth, I get to thinking… What do I *really* want for my World-of-Warcraft Christmas? Greatfather Winter asked me to write a Christmas song about it, so I answered with all my heart. Also introducing T-Stain, my newest, imaginary auto-tuned ninja gummi bear friend, who appeared the moment I set foot in Pandaria. I had good intentions of explaining the rationale behind this song with an opening/closing story, but then I got distracted by Bonus Loot… Dat Bonus Loot… What do YOU want for WoW Christmas? Put it in your comment! * * * * Thanks for watching! Oh and {â–• â–¡ â–•} (Thanks Doulie)

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5 Responses to “The Sha of Auto-Tune”

  1. magicalwowftw says:

    Love it!

  2. taintedlore says:

    You’re the male equivalent of Lana Del Rey!

  3. artemis2314 says:

    You’re alive!

  4. Xanadug says:

    Oh noes! It’s so short :c Unbeliavable song once again and your machinima skills are amazing! … Does green bloodfang exist? ;o

  5. MyTirion says:

    Awesomely done!

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