Tom Chilton – Lead Game Designer Interview

Diziet from Arena Junkies talks with Tom Chilton; Lead Game Designer of World of Warcraft to discuss new PvP changes and more. Be sure to visit: For your patch details and more visit Feel free to like the video if you liked it! Please subscribe to WoWSpotlights for more!

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5 Responses to “Tom Chilton – Lead Game Designer Interview”

  1. Hymuno says:

    Brilliant interview, gives a lot more hope to the pvp community than ones from ghostcrawler.

  2. Kody Gammey says:

    Diziet has a faggy voice. 

  3. chomag725 says:

    PVP in WoW is much like School. If you’re having fun over there, something is wrong. According to Blizzard. When pvp is annoying for all classes, THEN it will be balanced.

  4. thehavok2 says:

    Great stuff. Big respect towards Tom Chilton for being level headed and realistic about WoW’s strengths and limitations. Good interview.

  5. vamtheanomaly says:

    Not once did I hear him discuss ANY hunter issues. Pet prowl has been bugged since end wrath. I feel he secretly despises the hunter class. The only time he mentions the class is when he has to.

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