TwitchTV – Highlights: FRIENDZ|LOUD AS PHUACK Edition!

These are all clips from my stream at which I do every now and then, as often as I can! Also, mostly not on Norwegian, these are just oldies! 😀 COLOURCODES: Yellow – Knerken (My irl friend & gamingpartner) Purple – Sylaria (My other gamingbrew) Red – ME, of course. Blue – A real life friend & ex-classmate. Games played here: World of Warcraft Left 4 Dead 2 Planetside 2 (To understand the whole Tinkermatt laughter thing, check my video about it) Follow me on twitchTV, peeps! Lastly, my friends are fucking awesome.

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3 Responses to “TwitchTV – Highlights: FRIENDZ|LOUD AS PHUACK Edition!”

  1. Zerathil says:


  2. wernerboy96 says:

    Hahahah! Drit Bra!

  3. heraktus2 says:

    omfg norwegian is so hard to understand even if you can talk swedish D====

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