Two downs BG God WoW

*Que ding sound* ~Arathi Basin loading screen~ In the near distance, I saw this strange glow. It was like nothing I have seen before. This player, This… God. “He must die…”, I thought. As I approached this mysterious God his aura let off a unwanting presence within me. He shall no longer be welcome anywhere near my people! He shall suffer a million deaths! He will NOT be forgiven for his sins. This God, must.. die

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4 Responses to “Two downs BG God WoW”

  1. Blueice41188 says:

    L2Play SHS

  2. TwoMG says:


  3. ToxicPopsicle says:

    I love you.

  4. G0bbleMyG00 says:

    you’re good at pvping.

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