Ultimate Feral Druid 5.0.4 PvP Guide [HD]

THUMP UP TO SUPPORT ZENON! ==================================== Hey guys, this is my Guide on Feral Druids for Patch 5.0.4. Hope you find it helpful. 😀 Table of Contents: Introduction: 0:09 Stat Priority: 0:42 Reforging Priority: 2:16 Gems & Enchantments: 3:14 Spec Builds & Glyphs: 3:38 Any Comments, Suggestions, or Questions, send me a PM. I get back to it 100% of the time. Thanks, Xenon ==================================== Credits: Youtube channel: Twitter: twitter.com Livestream: Coming Soon! Click this link: Free Music from: music4yourvids.co.uk =================================== Tags wow rogue pvp addons other Addons macros how to modify miks scrolling battle text msbt sensus level 85 wow rogue pvp warsong gulch live commentary wsg sub patch 4.3 hemo backstab spec worldofsensus klaypex tgnwow world of warcraft cataclysm arena battlegrounds wowhobbs swifty fiveshot zybaktv mercader mercadergaming dara mactire guild bajheerawow machinima realm selfs3rve blizzard MMORPG season 11 2v2 gameplay ganking 2100 klinda sacredheals mage paladin warlock TGN arms warrior feral druid

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17 Responses to “Ultimate Feral Druid 5.0.4 PvP Guide [HD]”

  1. WorldofZenon says:

    Shoot your right. I will make a macro guide today. No real rotation in pvp.  Sorry, cant be ultimate w/out macros. Thanks for reminding me. I knew I forgot something.

  2. WorldofZenon says:

    Thanks. Took me time to get it that way.

  3. Bretttilly says:

    good job man SUBBED!

  4. HaloSwordKing says:

    I haven’t heard of you before, how good are you?

  5. WorldofZenon says:

    Video will be up tommarow. Got another guide going up tommarow morning. Macros guide will be up tommarow evening. Stay tuned. Thanks for the likes, it truely helps.

  6. JnxakaBeasie says:

    I like how you went in Depth into your topics good job man.

  7. WorldofZenon says:

    Thanks. :D

  8. WorldofZenon says:

    Thanks. :D

  9. RavagerHD says:

    😀 epicness! Love the editing :P

  10. TheAeroMidget says:

    Lol, No problem Xenon:)

  11. WorldofZenon says:

    Watch in 1080p HD!

  12. MegaFishingbuddy says:

    Looking forward to the macros one, subed and liked

  13. WorldofZenon says:

    Sorry about the random annotation in the upper left corner. just x it out. It glitched on me. Oh YouTube, you will never be perfect. 😀

  14. MrEzze24 says:

    very good vid , subbed

  15. WorldofZenon says:

    I’d say I’m decent. Not the best by a stretch but I’m in the middle. If you can understand that.

  16. WorldofZenon says:

    I always try to do so. 😀 Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it Jnx.

  17. TheAeroMidget says:

    Rotation, and macros????????

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