Under geared/Drunk rogue – WoW Live Commentary!

My other live com :3 Hey guyss uhmmm idk what happened in this video so yah enjoy! MUSIC: Alkira Music Peace – Hysteria

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5 Responses to “Under geared/Drunk rogue – WoW Live Commentary!”

  1. ontopoftheworldd says:

    your now my fav youtuber 😉

  2. Tom Walters says:

    lol, play a diff class rogues are dead man

  3. Jacob Masters says:

    omg i luv this! 

  4. Rainydayyss1 says:

    lol sweet video man

    rogues arnt that bad, but there not op anymore, u just need more gear :)

  5. Jessica Nuthered says:

    omg your so funny :’D

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