Vent RAGE w/ Gquit World of warcraft

Chillen in vent when ragers attack.

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5 Responses to “Vent RAGE w/ Gquit World of warcraft”

  1. y2john says:

    Pathetic shit, why don’t you include the guild name and server so we know which guild to avoid all this worthless bullshit from. I would gquit too, fuck that snide, mouth full talking piece of shit.

  2. oprahwilleatyou says:

    im guessing these two girls are from alliance…and this isnt a rage on vent this is two bitches argueing oh yes one more thing PENIS that is all

  3. blah01230 says:

    This occurred after the raid was over.

  4. PandaemoniumAD says:

    You both sound like children. You both speak to each other with no respect and thus, you have earned no respect. When you get older and realize that people are more agreeable to those who are capable of forming a coherent opinion without insulting others in the process or implying that your opinion is the only one that matters, you will get further.
    Enjoy being in every guild that is going to crash and burn.

  5. braincellz1066 says:

    <3 CHILDREN :D

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