Warcraft Babies Ep 2

â-ºâ-ºâ-º Click here to download THE SONG itunes.apple.com â–„â–„â–„ â-ºâ-ºâ-º Like the video? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! bit.ly â–„â–„â–„ Warcraft Babies is a parody of the original Muppet Babies! If you grew up in the 90s, this was one of the best shows on TV…now with WARCRAFT PETS! Enjoy Episode 2! Music Supplied by Monstercat Media: Flatline Artist Name: Skifonix Video Link: Album Download Link: itunes.apple.com Channel: Follow me on Twitter: Or Facebook:

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5 Responses to “Warcraft Babies Ep 2”

  1. jumpingbea2 says:

    Whole thing was mildly funny, last line sent me into a laughing fit. ^^

  2. liqunyan says:

    Did Kael’thas resurrected Deathwing? No wonder he’s so small. :-)

  3. Gmoney Mozart says:

    lol this might go over a few kids heads.

  4. betrathomer says:

    the ‘Let’s get kinky in this mother ****** gave me the best laugh all day

  5. Davvechannel says:

    Could someone please tell me what Deathwing is saying in the intro song? I can never hear it. :/

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