Where the Wild Things Are: Amber Parasites

Patch 5.1 revealed a most likely unintended tameable maggot-skinned worm. Whether hunters will get to keep them as pets remains to be seen, as they share a skeleton with silkworms. Stay tuned for updates! Petopia discovery thread: forums.wow-petopia.com Video transcript: kallipets.blogspot.com

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5 Responses to “Where the Wild Things Are: Amber Parasites”

  1. Tyler Ward says:

    I hate parasites.

  2. NinjaPirateTaki says:

    That’s correct, you need to be in beast mastery spec. Other than being huge and a new skin, these guys are normal worms. :)

  3. Christianm0mmy says:

    As with the silkworm are we required to be in beast master spec? As always, thanks for your time! I get exited when I see an e-mail showing you have uploaded a new video! :)

  4. NinjaPirateTaki says:

    No worries! It’s worth noting that I make frequent use of annotations in my videos, so they’re all best viewed with them on. 😀

  5. Christianm0mmy says:

    Just tamed, and yes we have to be in BM spec :)

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