Why Are People Still Playing World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft has been going for an awful long time now (since late 2004), yet it still retains around 10 million subscribers. So why are people still playing World of Warcraft? We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic so let us know in the comments below!

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5 Responses to “Why Are People Still Playing World of Warcraft?”

  1. FluffyGuild says:

    Haha. Well I think we definitely agree. Which just makes it all the more amazing that even now WoW still has such a huge player base. When will it ever end?

  2. AddledAngel says:

    Having played all of the other MMO’s you mentioned in your video, to put it bluntly, none of them are as good. If you like the MMO format, WoW remains the best in terms of overall gameplay, sheer amount of content, and is the best from a QA standpoint in my experience.

  3. Hadi M says:

    Well, personally i tried the newer mmos and i really didn’t enjoy them alot. I tried SWTOR and Guildwars 2(I was dissapointed with although i was a big fan with GW1). Another factor might be that i can’t afford a new pc to run these monster games properly. (With planetside i just feeel that there is no point to it….. i hate the never ending game part of it…. i feel that someone should win at some point).

  4. fitz808 says:

    The community is so grounded that no other MMO can compete with it, especially with the amount of time players have invested in it with their friends.

    The graphics are outdated, but a lot of players still have old computers and cant afford to upgrade, so they go back to WoW because they can’t play the newer MMOs.

    WoW was released back when MMOs felt epic, and people feel at home playing what they are already comfortable playing, rather than starting afresh which can be a daunting prospect.

  5. Venom Yo says:

    gw2>wow . my work here is done

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