Why GW2 is better than WoW

I don’t give a fuck what you think, go ahead and play a shitty game and waste money

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5 Responses to “Why GW2 is better than WoW”

  1. Trothlol says:

    if u like Mobas, this is aboot the better mmo

  2. hosscross11 says:

    Get your lazy ass up and get a job like the rest of us in the real world. You make crap vids and really are waiting your time.

  3. hosscross11 says:

    You just say that wow and GW2 can’t be compacted because they are two completly different games, then you say that GW2 is just better… yeah great argument. Yeah well done. Bravo. Your officially restarted.

  4. Trothlol says:

    Yea i’m officially restarted. ok first of all it’s you’re, second of all this is about the best MMO, GW2 is better in every way and that’s all im stating. you’re just a mad piece of shit WoW player that can’t take your game being criticized. I don’t give a fuck if you dislike the video, i knew this would get dislikes and if i gave a shit i would disable them, have fun paying for a shitty game

  5. Trothlol says:

    What does this even have to do with the arguement between these 2 mmos, you sir are a fuck.

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