WoPairs – Pandamania (WoW Machinima)

Hello, I had too much kool-aid and it made this! 😛 ((In other words, this is me being silly and random!)) Please read my update down blow ^_^ I kept watching machinimas on youtube and realized that I’ve missed making them, but I’m still waiting for a better model viewer so I can continue Gigi’s & DruidboyZ’ ‘I’m On It’, I’ve started work on yet another mini random machinima during my last weeks of college, but the I realized I’ve machinimated the whole song, so here it is xD I’ve managed to use what I can in the current model viewer to make this machinima, hope you enjoy the randomness, I love making these just for the heel of it while a new model is being made. Also stay tuned, I might be bringing back a old style of machinima that hasn’t been done in a while or hasn’t been well noticed recently, let’s just say I’m making the script for it right now, this will defiantly help me be more versatile with making machinima the just music videos 😛 – – – Music Supplied by Monstercat Media – – Artist Name: Muzzy Video Link: Channel: Album Download Link: bit.ly – – – Follow me! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Twitter / twitter.com Facebook / facebook.com Deviantart / wopairsdesign.deviantart.com – – – WoPairs Network – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – WoPairs youtube.com WoRairs / youtube.com Archive / youtube.com

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5 Responses to “WoPairs – Pandamania (WoW Machinima)”

  1. Cynnae says:

    Lol epic XD

  2. BlackSpiral2000 says:

    So this what playing WOW while listening to hip hop on acid is like….

  3. dreadsoul00 says:

    i dont know what i just watched but i liked it,i think i dont know../drool brb gotta pic up brain matter from teh splostion

  4. TeagentheRogue says:

    Brain—has—-ESPLODED!!!! WHOOOOOO!

  5. TheCentralofWoW says:

    Dat purple suit… ^^ Epic random to spawn ^^

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